• Hios BLG-BC2

    Hios BLG-BC2 Series

    Detects incorrect screwing. Brushless motor

  • Shishido DZ4

    Shishido DZ4

    ESD Meter

  • Yaesu LDX Label Dispenser

    YAESU Label dispenser LDX series

  • Yaesu Zcut-870

    YAESU Tape dispenser ZCUT-870

  • UNI, Dai-ichi Shoji

    Everything you need in a UNIque place.

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40 years

We have been working for more than 40 years in the electronics industry in Argentina,
helping our customers in the implementation of new production technologies.

Screw driver, Screw screw dispensers, soldering iron, in-circuit tester, signal generator for digital broadcast system, AM/FM signal generator, oscilloscope, tools (such as nippers and tweezers), coupling, anti-static equipment, staple, gas leak detector, table top robots, and more.