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Sibata High Volume Air Sampler HV-RW for Aerosol/Dioxin

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  • Functions to support Acurate Sampling
  • Flexible to meet the requests
  • Easy Handling
  • High Quality and Easy Maintenance

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The HV-RW is the sampler intended for outdoor use.

It samples suspended dust in the open face, and provide quantitative analysis of dust concentration and composition.


High-accuracy flow rate control is provided by a differential pressure detection system, and
instantaneous and cumulative flow rate values are displayed digitally.

Reductions in suction flow rate due to increased dust collection are minimized thanks to a constant flow rate function. It can be used to collect airborne dust by attaching the through pipe.

Similarly, it can also be used to collect dioxins by attaching the shuttle tube (tube for polyurethane foam attachment). It is capable of stable, high flow rate sampling, and so can be used under a wide range of conditions as an airborne toxic substance sampler.