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Sibata AquaB AQ-202P - Residual Chlorine Checker

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To confirm that the sanitizing water has an effective chlorine concentration.

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Not only eggs and vegetables, but also a wide variety of fields such as the hygiene management of a wide variety of foods, if also in the hygiene management of hairdressing towels, the hygiene management of medical equipment, the epidemic prevention, etc.
Sterile water such as chloric acid water (electrolyzed acid water, etc.) is used.
To maintain a sufficient bactericidal effect, it is necessary to confirm that the residual chlorine concentration is maintained.

The DPD method, which is generally used as a residual chlorine concentration measurement method, has the characteristic that it cannot measure high concentration residual chlorine.
The AQ-202P type adopts the iodine method and can measure high total residual chlorine concentration up to 300mg / L. Also, since it uses PET sample cell instead of glass, it can be used in food processing sites. where it is prohibited to carry glass products.