Japan Sensor Fiber type infrared thermometers FTKX Series

New product

Measuring range 100 °C to 2000°C
You can customize and select from more than 140 patterns.
The world's fastest response time
Easy adjustment
Usable with small targets
Heat resistance up to 150℃

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The world’s fastest response time of 1ms(0.001sec) allows detection of rapid temperature changes. The sensor head never misses sudden temperature changes.
The FTK series is easy to position. This series of products uses the optical coaxial LED sights. It can measure the target precisely.

Fiber type infrared thermometers FTKX Series image

TypeMeasuring rangeWave lengthMeasuring distanceTarget-sizeResponse time
FTKX-T 100~2000℃ 1.95~2.5μm 25~1000mm φ0.15~φ18mm 0.001s~
FTKX-P 220~2000℃ 0.8~1.6μm 25~1000mm φ0.15~φ18mm 0.001s~
FTKX-A 500~2000℃ 0.8~1.0μm 25~1000mm φ0.15~φ18mm 0.001s~