Herutu Pokayoke Serie TW-800 (Transmisor/Receptor)

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Pokayoke Tools TW-800 Series are being used as a group of IoT tools to support mistake prevention(pokayoke) at factories in a wide range of industries worldwide. Please contact us to get support when customizing your tools.


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Transmisor TW-810T/850T/800T

"TW-810T / TW-800T se acopla a herramientas como llaves dinamométricas y tenazas.
* TW-850T se adhiere a herramientas como destornilladores eléctricos, pistolas de sujeción de cables, sellos, etc.


Receptor TW-800R

This is a one-unit relay type receiver.


Also available for varios devices (transmissors) with communication ports like RS-232C, LAN Ethernet.


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