KTC TGED030R2Z Digi Ratchet "MEMORU" Host Module Set for Wireless

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Wireless type

Measurement results can be recorded wirelessly on a Windows terminal in real time.

Easy recording with the touch of a button

Record up to 200 measurement results on the main unit by operating the REC button. Automatic recording is also possible by switching modes.

Data is exported as CSV

By linking with the application, the measurement results transferred to the terminal can be used as quality control and maintenance records.

Fixed grip with power sensor

The on-board sensor accurately detects and analyzes the operating load applied to the grip. More accurate torque measurement is now possible regardless of working posture or proficiency level.

Large LED lamp that can be lit from the side

Even when working in a narrow space, it is easy to check the lighting of the LED lamp even from a position where the display is difficult to see, improving workability.

Measurement mode
Digital display of tightening torque. Visual torque control is possible. This is convenient when you want to check the measured value reliably in general tightening work.

Preset mode
The LED emits light and a buzzer notifies you that the set target torque has been reached. Up to 5 memories can be registered, making it ideal for work such as engine assembly and mold installation.

Pass / fail judgment mode
By setting the upper and lower limits of the target torque, it is possible to make a pass / fail judgment and count the number of passes. You can set the pass range, and you can easily grasp overtorque and insufficient torque.

Switching the measured value display mode
The measurement value display method can be selected from the following three modes according to the application.

Peak hold mode
Displays the maximum tightening torque. It is suitable for tightening oil filters and plugs because you can check whether the tightening was accurate after work.

Auto clear mode
The peak hold display can be returned to zero display in a certain period of time. The time to clear can be set from 1 to 10 seconds. Suitable for continuous work with the same torque, such as pipe joints and wheel nut tightening.

Track mode
The torque value is displayed in real time without holding the maximum value of the measured value. It can be used to measure clutch slip torque and power steering steering torque.

Buzzer sound ON / OFF switching
It is equipped with a buzzer sound ON / OFF function that notifies when the button is operated or when the set torque is reached.

Buzzer sound ON mode
A buzzer sounds when the button is operated or when the set torque is reached.

Buzzer sound OFF mode
This is convenient for work in the office or late at night when you do not want the buzzer to sound.