Sibata MT-05 Mask Fitting Tester (for N95)

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What is FIT TEST?

Fit test means to check the mask that you use for finding a correct mask.
You may use the MT-05 for the FIT Test in quantitatively.

What is FIT CHECK?
Fit Check means to check the way of using daily the mask that you selected by the Fist Test, if the fitting way is correct.
MT-05 is usable for the Fit Test in quantitatively.

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Be sure to select the mask that fits to your face, and at the same time be sure to wear it correctly!!


  • You can execute automatic and continuous measurement inside and outside mastk with the same built-in detector (particle counter), so as to avoid error erived from the difference of detectors.
  • You can select one mode of out of Fit Test Mode, Fit Check Mode, and Training Mode, so as to choose appropiate mode according to the purpose.
  • You can execute measurement with tube joint set (with making hole to mask), and with test guide (for non breaking mask) as well.
  • You can dry up inside tube and test guide, with sucking air pump built on the side surface of MT-05.
  • Output interface of RS-232C for measurement data is available.
  • You can confirm your mask fitting with the attached mirror.

About arc Welding process in Japan

Since it has become clear that "welding fume" may cause health hazards
such as neuropathy,
from April, 2021, "Welding Fume" is subject to regulation.

The points below are a obligation to the employer.

1.Personal exposure measurement: from April 1, 2021
Welding fume concentration measurements are done using a personal exposure sampler
Equipment: Sibata MiniPump

2.Mask Fit (Check) Test: from April 1, 2022
In the work site such as metal arc welding, by the dust disorder prevention rules, etc.
According to the result of welding fume concentration, (point 1 above),
every worker have to do a test to select the appropriate mask.
Equipment: Sibata MT-05U



N95 mask fitting test, mask check.

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